Weekly Summary 12

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These are the weeks I love. Completing assignments are genuinely fun and really push my small amount of creativity to the limit. I always have a lot of fun doing assignments, though some can be incredibly difficult to do. However, testing the limits are what’s going to get me to develop my skills more, and I have no problem with doing that!

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Weekly Summary 11

This was probably one of the most interesting weeks from this semester. Specifically from recording the skit and everything. It’s so interesting seeing how from one idea on a piece of paper to a full blown video. It’s such a crazy process for me. Like, honestly, what a crazy week!

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Weekly Summary 10

This week was a roller coaster, but mostly not because of this class. I was sick, dealing with mental health problems, and more. Now that this week is slowly coming to an end, I feel better and more confident. Finishing all that I had to do this week really helped relieve my stress and get better. I usually am good at completing and posting my homework right away, but I just couldn’t start until about Wednesday night. I just needed to focus on getting my headset back to the way it usually is. Thankfully, I did that pretty quick 🙂

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Weekly Summary 8

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This week was the world’s greatest combination of stress and no stress. There was very little to do. However, the podcast was absolutely nerve wracking for me. I’m not exactly sure why. I felt like I was going to do horribly wrong on it, I wasn’t going to do enough on it, ect. I just wanted to make sure everything is right… I’m pretty sure that was my anxiety speaking though.

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Weekly Summary 7

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This week felt slightly more stressful than the rest, but I think it’s the looming midterm that was making me feel uneasy. I am excited to do it now, but it’s a bigger project than we’ve done before. So that made it slightly scary. It also was with all the audio assignments and daily creates we had to do. Now, being complete with the week, it definitely wasn’t that difficult. My dramatic self didn’t even need to worry. I got this, I’m great and can do this! 🙂

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Weekly Summary 6

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Oh man, I look back at this week and was completely blown away by what I completed. Looking back at my work, it does seem like I completed them really quickly when it was quite the opposite. I was actually on my computer the entire day Saturday working on everything. I just couldn’t stop. The flow was just non-stop. The creativity/work just couldn’t be tamed.

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Weekly Summary 5

Honestly, this week kind of scared me. Editing videos are really difficult for me, and audio clips are a whole other story. I don’t understand a thing about editing audio. Before the week even started, I saw the struggles that would ensue right off the bat. I was not looking forward to struggling immensely with everything. However, this week wasn’t as bad as I originally thought.

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Weekly Summary 4

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Honestly, this week was slightly more difficult than I assumed it would be. All my classes picked up a little more this week, but I have no one to blame but myself for the stress that I have because of my classes. I literally pushed all my homework for the week both Monday-Wednesday, so I could focus more on my presentation and exams this Friday.

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Weekly Summary 3

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I was excited to get this week rolling when I first noticed that we had to pick just writing assignments. I love writing, and though I sometimes could be a horrible writer, it has always been a form of releasing some stress. So as much as these were assignments, this was also a way to enjoy my day more.

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