A cool cipher

One of my biggest hobbies is coding. I love it. One of the things I did as a small project last year was code a decrypt/encrypt tool. I find puzzles and things related to be super fascinating. One of the most satisfying things is being able to solve them. Whenever I was in a math class that would give us a riddle to solve, I would get beyond excited. I have no idea why I love things like this, but I just do. I learned a lot about ciphers this past year actually, specifically in math last semester. But I never made my own cipher, other than the code I created to be able to solve for them. I thought this would be fun to do; especially since as soon as it caught my eye, I really wanted to do it.

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I need to find Martha’s Hat :(

Martha’s Hat

This concept is hilarious to me. I just think back to all the times I lost something like a hat and slap my forehead thinking about how I could’ve just mad a lost item flier. I know for sure that if I found a flier like that I would for sure be on the lookout for it. If someone is making a flier for something they lost, they definitely need it back. They went through the effort of making a literal flier for it.

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The best t-shirt

I actually made a t-shirt in high school for my government class. I used a website, which made it pretty easy. Though this time, I decided I would edit the shirt myself instead of a website to do it for me. Especially since I now had my own software to use, GIMP, and I wanted to test out the features more.

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Need motivation?

Image result for demotivational posters

I originally saw this assignment about making a motivational poster and instantly thought of the “demotivational posters” I grew up with. That was my inspiration for the most part, but obviously I wanted to make it motivational, not the other way around. Then, a brilliant idea nailed it’s way into my head. (Get it- just like the demotivational poster on the side? I’m hilarious)

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