My Commercial!

I honestly completely forgot I had to do this until 1 hour prior to making this commercial. It’s not that I didn’t want to do it, I was kind of excited to do it, but I literally was so out of it since break started that I didn’t even remember any of the homework I had to do. However, at least I completed it though!

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My NEWER radio bumper

I know, I know, I’ve completed this before. However… that one was for the DS106 radio! Since we’re creating our own podcast, I’ve decided that I wanted to make a new one for ours! I really was excited about completing this! I made mine a little creepy with the background noise, since our first segment is horror based. It’s also October, so it’s totally appropriate that it’s creepy. I’m perfectly on schedule.

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Hum Hum Hum

The wonderful song stuck in my head today

This felt like something super awkward to do, but I was totally okay with doing this. I felt like this was perfect for me to do because while picking and completing this assignment, I had one song stuck in my head. It was absolutely killing me how much I was thinking of this song. The same 2-4 lines from the chorus were just repeating over and over in my head. It was like it would never stop, but hey, at least I was able to do this as an assignment!

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What is this sound?

I thought this would be a fun activity to do, so I decided I wanted to do this assignment. It is always fun playing with the clips and changing their original sounds. Sometimes, I can hear something within the completely mayhem after the clip’s been edited, and it’s one of the coolest and strangest things ever. I think it’s so cool how with a couple clicks, anyone can change the sound.

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The sounds from heaven

Honestly, I saw this assignment and thought to myself, “Oh this would be easy to do.” I completely forgot how the only things that makes me happy is rain, food, and my two pets. The only sound that actually makes me feel just as happy as it’s presence is rain. For the rest: food crunching sounds weird, my puppy barks like a maniac, and when my hamster is chewing on food, it sounds like bones breaking. So yeah, not something I like to hear all the time! So the question became, what would my other sounds be?

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A Story of Sounds

This is very similar to my other assignment where I created a place of sounds, but this one is going to be a story. From the trend I’ve seen with my other assignments, I had a bad habit of over doing each assignment. For my last assignment, I’m going to try to do this audio as nicely as possible. The issue with the last assignments was that there was too much going on at once. Hopefully, it will be different this time.

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The music is too loud

Image result for fanning themself gif

I honestly felt that this would be really simple, but as I looked through Audacity, I was in the biggest stump ever. I don’t know how to edit audio at all. Before attempting this, I thought to myself, “You can do this, it shouldn’t be so hard.” I was so wrong. And this was my first assignment for the week, so I already started freaking out about whether I could actually accomplish what I need to do. What a great start to the week, am I right?

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