Some Project Ideas 2

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I keep thinking about the final project, and I get very nervous. It’s like a big bang to end the semester with, and I can’t think of a project either good enough or something I could possibly do alone. I have some difficulty creating some new ideas, and after reading through all of other people’s ideas (and realizing how amazing they are), I decided I would revamp my old ones. There are so many ideas in the air already it’s hard to breathe! So instead of adding to the mix, I could maybe make them more specific, relate them to the class theme (because I didn’t do that last time), delete some or add some, and etc. Let me know what you think!

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My Video Essay

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I think I underestimate myself. I need to learn to stop doubting I can’t do it just because I never have. I think that this video essay that I completed also reminded me of that. I just need to remember that if I can do something like this, something I’ve never done before, then I can do anything. My ability has no limits, I am just limiting myself.

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What amazing podcasts!

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I really enjoyed all the podcasts I listened to, and I was really proud of what everyone accomplished! While listening to some of these podcasts my classmates created, I was extremely intrigued with all of them. Also, we finished our midterm- and that’s always something to applaud everyone for. We’re half way done with this semester!

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A story using my daily creates

The air feels so tense and I almost feel like can’t breathe. And it’s all because I said it. I asked the question I’ve been thinking of for months, years it feels like. It was a now or never type of question. Something that I knew would cause some sort of debate with my parents and I. I just couldn’t figure out how else to ask them. So I just said it. Well, more like blurted it out, and their faces says it all.

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Some Project Ideas

I am not going to lie, I always feel like I have the worst ideas. Though, I mostly blame the lack of creativity I have coursing through my body. The rest is just my pure laziness. I feel one thing that helps me out a lot in trying to come up with good ideas is jotting down notes and dwelling on the thought to develop it over time. That has always never failed to make something dull and minimal into something bigger and way more interesting. So I say let’s give my couple ideas a try! I’ve definitely given thought to them. I feel they turned out pretty good. I would be proud if at least one sounded somewhat interesting!

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This is me talking to myself
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