What amazing podcasts!

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I really enjoyed all the podcasts I listened to, and I was really proud of what everyone accomplished! While listening to some of these podcasts my classmates created, I was extremely intrigued with all of them. Also, we finished our midterm- and that’s always something to applaud everyone for. We’re half way done with this semester!

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My Commercial!

I honestly completely forgot I had to do this until 1 hour prior to making this commercial. It’s not that I didn’t want to do it, I was kind of excited to do it, but I literally was so out of it since break started that I didn’t even remember any of the homework I had to do. However, at least I completed it though!

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Radio Show Progress 1

The progress this week was pretty good, though I know after I’m posting this that I will be spending lots of time watching movies and completing plenty of notes of them. Though, who would be mad at that? Especially when it’s amazing classics, and we can talk about that for a midterm! Isn’t that be just the best? It is in my opinion!

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My Radio Show Promo!

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Now that I look back at my promos, I feel like it isn’t perfect or nice or anyway that I envisioned it to be. However, I do know the hard work I put into it, and that I am very proud of. Photoshop or photo-editing isn’t really my thing, I’ve never been good at it. I also am really bad at creating posters and such. I’m great at working on the thing we’re promoting, but I’ve never been good at the promoting aspect of anything and everything. Though, I will repeat, I am still proud of my creations nonetheless.

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My NEWER radio bumper

I know, I know, I’ve completed this before. However… that one was for the DS106 radio! Since we’re creating our own podcast, I’ve decided that I wanted to make a new one for ours! I really was excited about completing this! I made mine a little creepy with the background noise, since our first segment is horror based. It’s also October, so it’s totally appropriate that it’s creepy. I’m perfectly on schedule.

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