Cancer Sucks

This might be a little personal, but honestly I think it’s fitting. I am a very open person, and I don’t hide anything. I have always liked to make sure I express how I feel and talk about memories because I always feel less burdened and happier afterwords. This isn’t me professing my soul but explaining a part of my life with all of you.

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Re-Visiting Hum Hum Hum

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While thinking of another assignment to do, I thought back to what was extremely easy to do or at the very least, work that I did that was very simple. I wanted to change it up so that it had more effort into it, even if it may not be much more. This project now has reached a new level in it’s creativity, which is a boost in my opinion!

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Re-Visiting Martha’s Hat

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Trying to figure out what I wanted to revisit was a little difficult. I wanted to do something I felt that was too easy, but I also didn’t want to do something in the same realm as that project. I wanted to see what other things I could use to create something completely different than before. It was quite an adventure but something totally fun to do.

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My Commercial!

I honestly completely forgot I had to do this until 1 hour prior to making this commercial. It’s not that I didn’t want to do it, I was kind of excited to do it, but I literally was so out of it since break started that I didn’t even remember any of the homework I had to do. However, at least I completed it though!

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My NEWER radio bumper

I know, I know, I’ve completed this before. However… that one was for the DS106 radio! Since we’re creating our own podcast, I’ve decided that I wanted to make a new one for ours! I really was excited about completing this! I made mine a little creepy with the background noise, since our first segment is horror based. It’s also October, so it’s totally appropriate that it’s creepy. I’m perfectly on schedule.

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Hum Hum Hum

The wonderful song stuck in my head today

This felt like something super awkward to do, but I was totally okay with doing this. I felt like this was perfect for me to do because while picking and completing this assignment, I had one song stuck in my head. It was absolutely killing me how much I was thinking of this song. The same 2-4 lines from the chorus were just repeating over and over in my head. It was like it would never stop, but hey, at least I was able to do this as an assignment!

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