Weekly Summary 12

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These are the weeks I love. Completing assignments are genuinely fun and really push my small amount of creativity to the limit. I always have a lot of fun doing assignments, though some can be incredibly difficult to do. However, testing the limits are what’s going to get me to develop my skills more, and I have no problem with doing that!

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Cancer Sucks

This might be a little personal, but honestly I think it’s fitting. I am a very open person, and I don’t hide anything. I have always liked to make sure I express how I feel and talk about memories because I always feel less burdened and happier afterwords. This isn’t me professing my soul but explaining a part of my life with all of you.

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Weekly Summary 11

This was probably one of the most interesting weeks from this semester. Specifically from recording the skit and everything. It’s so interesting seeing how from one idea on a piece of paper to a full blown video. It’s such a crazy process for me. Like, honestly, what a crazy week!

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Some Project Ideas 2

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I keep thinking about the final project, and I get very nervous. It’s like a big bang to end the semester with, and I can’t think of a project either good enough or something I could possibly do alone. I have some difficulty creating some new ideas, and after reading through all of other people’s ideas (and realizing how amazing they are), I decided I would revamp my old ones. There are so many ideas in the air already it’s hard to breathe! So instead of adding to the mix, I could maybe make them more specific, relate them to the class theme (because I didn’t do that last time), delete some or add some, and etc. Let me know what you think!

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