You need to watch this trailer…

I am really excited for this project. Like no one has any clue how thrilled I am for this. After meeting with my partners from the group, discussed everything, and then started creating this trailer, I just realized how much fun it’s going to be. No one has any idea how good this skit is going to be.

Now, I’m not trying to spoil anything. I’m not going to tell anyone what the story is going to be, so I’m just going to be talking about the process and things like that.

Before we met up, I wrote some ideas in a notebook. It was some random thoughts that I had that I thought my group would like. Then, after discussing with them the ideas I thought up of, we picked one and developed more on it. We assigned characters, picked different locations to shoot at, what each scene was going to be, ect. We pretty much planned out everything. The only thing we have to do is shoot everything, which we are going to do this weekend. I’m so excited for it.

I created this trailer, and though I’m not the most thrilled about how it came out to be, I still am proud of it. It’s my work regardless. I used iMovie to create it. Since we had no shots yet, I just decided to walk around campus and get shots. That’s the reason I’m not so excited about this, but honestly this is still a good trailer. So shout out to me for doing a good job!

I hope you enjoy the trailer!

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