What is this sound?

I thought this would be a fun activity to do, so I decided I wanted to do this assignment. It is always fun playing with the clips and changing their original sounds. Sometimes, I can hear something within the completely mayhem after the clip’s been edited, and it’s one of the coolest and strangest things ever. I think it’s so cool how with a couple clicks, anyone can change the sound.

Image result for funny bucket meme

When looking for sounds, I couldn’t find anything I wanted to use. I then randomly decided to search for “bucket.” I don’t know why, but it really was something I wanted to look for. And by the second page, I realized why. I don’t know why but when I found this clip, I knew it was the one. It just resonated with me. Like it was meant to be a part this my wonderful assignment.

Bucket pouring out water

I used this clip, but I didn’t know how to use the effects on Audacity very well. So I asked my wiz suit-mate for advise. All she said is, “Use wahwah. Have fun with it.” I was severely confused. Then after selecting, when all the aspects of wahwah popped up, I was even more confused. Instead of learning what each part means, I did what I do best: create mayhem out of serenity. So that’s what I did.

I moved every single bar around and then just applied it, and this is what came out. I think it’s absolutely hilarious how with only one effect, I created something COMPLETELY different than what was originally recorded. I really liked the product of this assignment, and I hope you do too!

Side note: I did delete the end of the clip because of after using the wahwah effect, it was silence for like 2-ish seconds.

Description: “Make Noise!! The title is pretty self explanitory. Take a recognizable song or sound, and then turn it into a completely unrecognizable sound. For example, take a dog barking and make it sound like tv static. This can be accomplished using any DAW (digital audio workspace, for those unaware) or some online audio editor.”

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