Weekly Summary 7

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This week felt slightly more stressful than the rest, but I think it’s the looming midterm that was making me feel uneasy. I am excited to do it now, but it’s a bigger project than we’ve done before. So that made it slightly scary. It also was with all the audio assignments and daily creates we had to do. Now, being complete with the week, it definitely wasn’t that difficult. My dramatic self didn’t even need to worry. I got this, I’m great and can do this! 🙂

I completed my audio assignments pretty quickly, but I was actually having a lot of fun doing them. I completed them all in one day, and then I went wrote the blogs posts for them and everything the next day. Again, I needed help from my incredible suite-mate, Stella, for one of them, but she is always more than happy to help.

Going to the meeting for the podcast was a little nerve wracking too, but once I met everyone, I calmed down immediately and became really excited for everything. It also helps that my other amazing suite-mate, Iliana, was a part of that group too. I’m also very excited to talk about the topic of movies, specifically horror. I grew up on the classics and appreciating everything about movies, and horror is my favorite genre. I think this is going to be a lot of fun, and I feel that already my group has great conversations together. And with topics we can actually discuss, I feel like we’re going to have an amazing podcast!

Some comments I made:

Song distortion by Mckayla Washington
Push it…… by Morgan Nebel
A song as Slow as 800 by Hinoiri

I looked at a lot of other amazing projects as well! I really like how every week there are more incredible things than the one prior! I really do love this class!

Radio Show Blogs:


Daily Creates:

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