Weekly Summary 3

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I was excited to get this week rolling when I first noticed that we had to pick just writing assignments. I love writing, and though I sometimes could be a horrible writer, it has always been a form of releasing some stress. So as much as these were assignments, this was also a way to enjoy my day more.

The struggles I had this week were mostly with the doing the daily creates. The daily creates, as easy as they are, sometimes became slightly difficult. For instance, the one about graffiti made me think about the graffiti artist that goes by Cibo- but I didn’t remember his name. It took me almost 2 hours to remember it. The daily creates this week also had some issues- for example, one of the daily creates wouldn’t open because my computer and phone were claiming that it was dangerous to open. There was also one that said “make” instead of “take”, and because I didn’t get what they were asking, I had to ask my suite-mate to help clarify what the daily create meant. Though they might seem like little things, they really made an impact on doing the daily creates.

For the assignments, I did total of 14 and a half stars. Something I had trouble with was when deciding I wrote enough. All my stories are a lot longer than I thought. A major issue I have with writing in general is not sounding emotional- my stories usually sound super monotone. That’s something I noticed within all my stories, and in my post If I got to pick a new life, this is what it would be, Danielle Beard pointed that out. It was kind of a reminder that I have to work harder on any written literature I may create. It could either be for myself, or a public thing, but I should always keep that in mind.

This week was very interesting and really did push me to think more creatively. I honestly am excited for the next couple weeks, specifically to see how much I could utilize my creativity to its fullest potential.

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