Weekly Summary 2

This week seemed like it was going to be a lot of work, but honestly, it wasn’t so bad. I thoroughly enjoyed doing the activities I chose to do and thinking up of things for the daily create. I wasn’t exactly sure what was expected of me for this week, but being able to pick and choose what I wanted to do made me really encouraged to do the work more than normal.

I felt a little confused about what to write for the assignment posts, but from what I could tell, I put what I needed to. I wasn’t the biggest fan of writing them, but looking at them now, I’m pretty proud of everything I’ve done this week. The daily creates were also fun to do! Flipping through my memories to find the one I felt perfect to share was like a walk down memory lane, I had so much fun.

My domain has been updated more, and I figured out a lot how to solve some issues and more mechanics of WordPress. This sub-domain is practically my baby, I spend so much time trying to make it pretty and such. On the home page, all the photos are pictures I took since moving back. I’m pretty happy with my website.

To connect more to the class, I looked for blogs that stood out to me or got my attention. I commented on Blue Butterball‘s blog about a visual assignment they did, as well as Mckayla Washington‘s post about a haiku she made, Sophia‘s post about the audio clip she created, and others! I did look at other blogs and responded to some tweets and such! Everyone does such an amazing job with each of their assignments, and I read such funny/cool things on twitter from the daily creates!

One thing that I really wanted to mention because it blew me away was Stranger Tales‘ mashup using two of my assignments. They did a crazy amazing job! They were inspired by my poster and used it as a base to create their wonderful poster! They also took my code from my coding assignment to put in as a piece in the poster. I was super excited to see that someone used my things and made it into their own masterpiece! I’m not the most creative, so when my little bit of creativity inspires other people, I feel super proud.

Work I completed this week:


Daily Creates:

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