Weekly Summary 11

This was probably one of the most interesting weeks from this semester. Specifically from recording the skit and everything. It’s so interesting seeing how from one idea on a piece of paper to a full blown video. It’s such a crazy process for me. Like, honestly, what a crazy week!

I feel this week was very simple, but it was very, very eventful. This week was so much fun, I almost feel like nothing can top this week 🙂

Thank you to Meg, Kuri, and Will for being such amazing groupmates! I don’t think that I would’ve had as much fun if it wasn’t for them!

Some Comments I’ve made:
Sped UP by Life through the 80s Today
(My Attempt at) The Recursive Camera by Morgan Nebel
To talk about some progress by Abby Cassell

Random Blogs:


I didn’t need to do any this week!

Daily Creates:

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