The sounds from heaven

Honestly, I saw this assignment and thought to myself, “Oh this would be easy to do.” I completely forgot how the only things that makes me happy is rain, food, and my two pets. The only sound that actually makes me feel just as happy as it’s presence is rain. For the rest: food crunching sounds weird, my puppy barks like a maniac, and when my hamster is chewing on food, it sounds like bones breaking. So yeah, not something I like to hear all the time! So the question became, what would my other sounds be?

I know I really all the natural sounds, like things that come from nature. That has always been something that calms me down even in my most stressful of times. I remember I used to fall asleep to ambient noise for months because of how calming it was, and it was the best thing to wake up to. So I found an audio clip of some ambient noise from outside with crickets, a fire pit doing it’s thing, and of rain and thunder (which I absolutely LOVE).

However, for my last sound, I picked something completely different. I decided to pick something I don’t normally listen to, but would love to hear regardless. And that was the ambiance of a synthesizer. It was honestly really nice to listen to, I thoroughly enjoyed the sound it made.

I then just put them all in Audacity, cut out parts of each sound so they were all roughly the same length, and made the beginning of each clip fade in and the end fade out. This wasn’t a difficult assignment to do, I feel that the most difficult part for me was finding and picking the sounds to be a part of this.

I hope you really like these sounds as much as I did!

Description: “To complete this assignment, pick 4-5 sounds that you enjoy hearing! Then, compile them into an audio file, and share!”

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