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Though this is very similar to another assignment I did, I thought this would be fun to do because I could create a place and not a story. I wanted something to do with the 80’s so that it went with the theme of the semester, and when I asked around about a place that I should do, I heard I should do a Danceteria.

I first thought to myself, “What is a Danceteria?” The quickest summary of it, it’s a five floored nightclub. It was in New York City, and the 80’s was the most popular time for this. Since I never a part of a Danceteria, I got ideas of how it was like back then through pictures and articles.

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It honestly was pretty hard to find what to put. I just didn’t want it to sound like a normal nightclub now and days, but from what I gather it is really similar to it, just five floors and older music. Probably also lots more drugs.

I first found some songs that would go for each floor of the Danceteria. I picked “I wanna be sedated” by the Ramones to be the main song playing. I put “Boderline” by Madonna, “Cover Band” by Red Cross, “Roam” by B-52, and “Karma Chameleon” by Culture Club as background noise for each of the floors in the Danceteria. Looking back at it, this probably wasn’t the best idea. It added a lot of background noise, and I only needed 1 or 2 songs for above and/or below the floor.

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Then I found soundtracks of people talking, footsteps, glasses clinking, and people cheering. Rather than the song, I made people talking and cheering the loudest. Then, I copied the sound of a glass clinking multiple times throughout the 30 seconds. That one isn’t so loud, but when it happens it can stand out. The footsteps used to be really loud, and it took away from the audio more than I wanted. So I dialed it down a lot. You might not really be able to hear it, I’m not too sure. I might just notice it a lot because I know where it stands out the most.

I feel this entire thing is kind of chaotic, but isn’t that what nightclubs are like? A big mess of noise and probable mistakes. So as much as this audio clip that I made might be a giant mess, it fits considering the atmosphere that the sounds are set in. And that is my excuse for my horrible audio, though I will say I’m proud of my creation. Enjoy!

The Danceteria:

Looking back at it now, I could’ve done a lot better. But for a first try, it’s not so bad.

I also feel like I should mention this just in case: I am not making any profit off any of the music being played. This is solely for educational purposes!

Description: “For this assignment create a place by just using sound. For example, make the listener know where they are if outside use birds, cars, etc. You can get sounds from”

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