Some Project Ideas

I am not going to lie, I always feel like I have the worst ideas. Though, I mostly blame the lack of creativity I have coursing through my body. The rest is just my pure laziness. I feel one thing that helps me out a lot in trying to come up with good ideas is jotting down notes and dwelling on the thought to develop it over time. That has always never failed to make something dull and minimal into something bigger and way more interesting. So I say let’s give my couple ideas a try! I’ve definitely given thought to them. I feel they turned out pretty good. I would be proud if at least one sounded somewhat interesting!

Image result for no creativity gif
Image result for no creativity gif
This is me talking to myself

Some ideas I have for projects are this:

  • Re-create a scene in a movie with a friend/classmate
  • Showcase your animal and all the quirkiness about them through video
  • Find the first video on your phone and either
    • Re-create it
    • Edit it to look cool
  • Write and produce a documentary about something small. For instance, write about it’s history (like the pencil you use)
  • Do a house tour
  • Connect with another classmate and create a skit that is around 10 minutes
  • Do a movie/book review
  • Record your daily routine from morning to night time
  • Act like a character from a book/movie/TV show and show what a day in their life would be
  • Create a video of “Do’s” and “Don’ts” for whatever subject in the place it’s in relation to (For example, the do’s and don’ts to do in a class is recorded in a classroom or a do’s and don’ts in a cafeteria is recorded in a cafeteria)
  • Create a video with only photographs that tell a story
  • Do the opposite of what you do in a day and document it
  • Do things wrong/differently and document it (for ex, sitting on a chair upside down or eating cereal with a fork)
  • Create a satisfying/dissatisfying video

I know these are a lot, and they all look really scary to do and like a lot of work, but I feel that if someone wanted to do them, it would be more play than work. I hope that I feel the same way about some other projects I do for the rest of the semester. I sure did up to this point!

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