Some Project Ideas 2

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I keep thinking about the final project, and I get very nervous. It’s like a big bang to end the semester with, and I can’t think of a project either good enough or something I could possibly do alone. I have some difficulty creating some new ideas, and after reading through all of other people’s ideas (and realizing how amazing they are), I decided I would revamp my old ones. There are so many ideas in the air already it’s hard to breathe! So instead of adding to the mix, I could maybe make them more specific, relate them to the class theme (because I didn’t do that last time), delete some or add some, and etc. Let me know what you think!

Everything in italics is new and everything striked-through is what I removed.

Here are my revamped/edited project ideas:

  • Re-create a scene in a movie from the 80’s with a friend/classmate
  • Showcase your animal and all the quirkiness about them through video
    • Dress them up in 80s clothes
    • Create an 80s themed video where your pet is the star
  • `Find the first video on your phone and either
    • Re-create it in an 80s theme
    • Edit it to look like it came from the 80s cool
  • Write and produce a documentary about something small. For instance, write about it’s history (like the pencil you use) Pick something that has been created in the 80s
  • Do a house tour
  • Try to sell a modern house to someone who is from the 80s
  • Connect with another classmate and create a skit that is around 20-30 10 minutes and relates to the theme
  • Do a movie/book review about something from the 80s
  • Record your daily routine from morning to night time using sayings from the 80s and calling things with their names that was used in the 80s
  • Act like a character from a book/movie/TV show from the 80s and show what a day in their life would be
  • Create a video of “Do’s” and “Don’ts” for whatever subject in the place it’s in relation to (For example, the do’s and don’ts to do in a class is recorded in a classroom or a do’s and don’ts in a cafeteria is recorded in a cafeteria) RELATE TO THE 80s
  • Create a video with only photographs from the 80s that tell a story
  • Do the opposite of what you do in a day and document it
  • Do things wrong/differently and document it (for ex, sitting on a chair upside down or eating cereal with a fork) –This idea is just too funny for me to change, but it’s up to whoever wants to do it if they can find a way to relate it to the 80s–
  • Create a satisfying/dissatisfying video with objects from the 80s

I still stand by what I said last time that these still seem a little scary for me. But honestly, no words can describe how excited I am for this semester to end. Though, in a way I’m not ready for this class to end. So I promise it’s not because of this class, but by this point of the semester, I’m feel drained and ready to start fresh again. I do really enjoy my classes and life on campus, but I get very tired. I also push myself sometimes way to hard and that can affect my daily activities. Regardless, I’m really excited for what else will come from this semester and what’s going to happen next (even though ____)!

ps. you can find the blank in the list, it’s a secret message 🙂 I got a little bored today haha

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  1. If you don’t think it’s something you can do on your own, you can collaborate on the final project. And you can be as creative as you like in making it relate to the theme.

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