Radio Show Progress 1

The progress this week was pretty good, though I know after I’m posting this that I will be spending lots of time watching movies and completing plenty of notes of them. Though, who would be mad at that? Especially when it’s amazing classics, and we can talk about that for a midterm! Isn’t that be just the best? It is in my opinion!

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Friday the 13th, 1980’s

When my group and I met up for the first time, we decided on what our topic would be, which is Horror movies and Rom-Com’s from the 80’s (in two segments). We decided we would talk about how they impacted movies now, comparing their remakes (if any), and bring up conversation topics within each movie. They’re all classics and bring back much nostalgia.

We also talked about who is doing what for the next week leading up to the recording. For instance, who was doing what segment, who were doing the commercials and radio bumpers, ect. It was honestly really easy because all the pieces with our podcast kind of just fell in place for everyone. We all were very easy going and didn’t really have any issues.

Image result for IT new
IT (old vs new)

My tasks for this next week will be to watch Friday the 13th, IT (the old vs the new), and Pet Sematary (the old vs the new), create a radio bumper and a commercial, and create at least one promotion. I actually don’t mind this, and though it may seem time consuming with all those movies, I really like watching them. I also LOVE horror movies, so this is something I’m heavily looking forward to! This would be something I would do anyway, so might as well do this for class!

Image result for pet sematary 1980
Pet Sematary (Old)
Image result for pet sematary
Pet Sematary (New)

I already completed my radio bumper and my promotional designs (down below). I’m planning on completing my commercial at some point before this week ends or during fall break, and I will definitely make an update for that!

I feel this group was actually perfect, and it helps that we all are easy-going and excited to work on this podcast! They are all super kind and funny, and I’m really really excited to keep working with them!

My Radio Bumper
My Promotional Designs

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