Our Video Project

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You all have no idea how proud I am of my group and I’s project. The entire process was fun: planning it out, recording from different places, ect. I think this is something you guys should definitely watch this… It’s the best.

It’s crazy to think that from an idea that was just jotted on a piece of paper can turn into something as great as this. It was so cool to see the process of it and be a part of it.

So here’s some background on the creation of this awesome video. This took two different days to record and multiple hours within each of those days. I didn’t realize how long it would take to record a short skit. I recorded a fun video with my friend about two months ago, and that took about two to three hours to get enough footage for about a 3 minute clip. I guess I didn’t even realize how long it would take for a 15 minute one!

You’ll notice that there is amazing sound effects, like echo, and transitions, like the screen fading to black. All that can be thanked to Kuri, AKA Hinoiri. She edited the WHOLE thing. Her editing was pure magnificent. I truly do think that no one could’ve edited it as nicely as she did.

Yes, I love the video to the moon and back, but I look at my acting and I absolutely cringe. I think everyone else did amazing, but I’m kind of laughable. In a good way obviously 😉 I absolutely am so proud of the work we did, I think it was really really good. I hope you all will like it as well!

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