My Radio Show Promo!

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Now that I look back at my promos, I feel like it isn’t perfect or nice or anyway that I envisioned it to be. However, I do know the hard work I put into it, and that I am very proud of. Photoshop or photo-editing isn’t really my thing, I’ve never been good at it. I also am really bad at creating posters and such. I’m great at working on the thing we’re promoting, but I’ve never been good at the promoting aspect of anything and everything. Though, I will repeat, I am still proud of my creations nonetheless.


I decided I wanted to do more than just a poster, which I originally assumed would be easy. I figured I would like to do a sticker or something like that as well. I wasn’t sure what to do for my sticker, so I just decide to write out our podcast name and make the words all colorful. I like calligraphy, and though it was hard to write on my computer, I feel I made it look pretty decent. Then I cropped the picture to be an oval shape, just like stickers can be. That part was easy, but I really liked how this turned out to be. So for my radio bumper and the podcast, I used the same picture but added black words in the side saying what each audio clip was. I really like writing and playing by drawing on the computer and stuff, so I really liked this simple sticker!

When it came to the poster, I realize it’s very plain. I know it is. However, the editing of the two lady characters took every ounce of my sanity to complete. Since they weren’t PNG’s, I had to go pixel by pixel to crop out the background of each photo. I literally felt like I was going to loose my mind throughout the entire process. I don’t really have the best patience with these types of things. However, when I was done, I was super proud of myself. It took a lot of time, and I decided since I already created the sticker, I would implement what I wrote to be a part of the poster as well, which is why that was there too.

I look back and wish I made it look a little better, but I don’t mind this poster. I see my hard work. Though I’m afraid no one else ever will like it or understand the work I put into the two ladies, I’m not going to trash all my hard work. I guess as long as I know it, that’s what matters.

But regardless, please don’t be too harsh on my poster!


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