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There are some things I would say I’m good or even decent at. That includes coding, writing, and math. However, I would never call myself a good photographer. A photographer isn’t just someone with a good camera that takes even greater quality photos. They are also extremely creative and express their art through their photography. That is something I could never do.

Though, I will say, I take plenty of photos. They could be of anything honestly, the food I ate, my family, my bed, the book I’m reading, and more. The list is endless. If you don’t believe me, I currently have 12,877 photos and videos on my phone. The thought of that makes me dizzy. The photos might not mean anything to me now because I don’t even remember 1/100th of them, but while taking these photos, it obviously was so important to me.

Captured: Nov, 2016. I took it off my iPhone 6 while walking next to a pond near my house.

At the moment, if it seemed like it was important to me, I would take a picture for the memories. It doesn’t matter if I’m trying to do a photo shoot or a singular photo, a selfie or a wide-angle, or even a video or picture. For as many photos I have, each picture means something to me. As I look back through the photos, I could remember each moment I took the photo, and why I felt compelled to take the photo in the first place. In that sense, I was right to take the photos, the memories have encapsulated within the photos.

Captured: Sept, 2019. I took this off my iPhone X on my way back from VMI, the sun was setting right behind us, and I could only see it through the side window.

A photo is never just a photo. There’s always been a story to it. Regardless of if it’s the story behind the photo or the story the photo itself says. Some photographers take pictures of sad environments to show people exactly what they don’t see every day, for example. All the stories that we hear all at once come to us as we glance at that single image. An essay can explain so much, but a picture can do all of that with one click. It’s crazy to think about sometimes, but a picture is so powerful and can be so artistic all at once. Just because everyone takes pictures doesn’t mean someone can’t take one so incredible. It’s just like writing: anyone could write a book, but not everyone could write one that is remembered for years to come.

I feel that if I want to become a better photographer (if anyone even wants to call me that), I should take everything into account. The lighting, the background, the positioning of objects, everything. I honestly never really focused on that. I always just pulled out my phone and snapped the photo. Now, if I want to take legitimate approach to photography, I know more about what I need to do.

Captured: Oct, 2015. I took this off my iPhone 5C while lost in the woods next to my house, and it has been my favorite photo I’ve ever taken ever since. Especially since it was with horrible camera quality. Side note: it’s not this blurry on my phone.

The pictures I put in this blog post are photos I’ve taken myself, their descriptions are their stories.

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