My Goals for this Video Project

We’re going to start shooting today, and I’m very excited. Something I like to do is set goals of things to keep in my mind about what I want to accomplish. This is that blog post.

My goals are:

  • Participate as much as I can
  • Bring up ideas for shots and such that is a good idea
  • “Shoot more to edit with less”
  • Don’t feel self-conscious (I hate pictures and videos of me)
  • Don’t laugh at every little thing (I laugh so much while shooting clips and such for every other project that we had to trash hours of me laughing, and I’m not over exaggerating. I laugh out of nervousness and the littlest things are just funnier to me haha)
  • Shoot everything in one place at a time (at least offer the idea)

So those are some goals I thought of for myself. I like writing them down because it helps keep them in my head, but since we had to make posts for this video project, I thought posting it would be a good idea to do too. Thank you for reading if you did!

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