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I have learned so much through these articles, more than I originally thought I was going to I usually hate reading articles, but I actually thoroughly enjoyed reading the ones I read this week. I learned things and fell down a rabbit role in Brain Picking‘s article specifically, just like the professor said.

I’ve always known that through any and every design there was thought about everything that was being done. The colors, the placement of things, what’s being spoken about, and more. However, I never knew it went so much deeper before this. There’s more aspects that I never considered, and now that I know more about them, I feel much more confident in my knowledge in design.

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A book written by Chip Kidd

I love Chip Kidd’s point of view on it. He sees the art in such a different light than from most people. In a way, he opened my eyes a bit more to see the bigger picture of design. It has never been a simple picture in black in white: there are crazy shapes and colors and words and warped objects and so much more that creates such a simple yet complex image or thing for people to digest. It’s not just “purposeful planning of combination” of different things, as Chip Kidd puts it. He says,

“There are all kinds of problems to solve: good, bad, complicated, easy, annoying, fascinating, dull, life-threatening, mundane. There are problems that matter only to you and no one else, and problems that determine the fate of mankind. And some of them are truly unsolvable — but of course that doesn’t stop people from trying, and it shouldn’t. But the main thing to learn about graphic design problem-solving is that the best solution can usually be found in the best definition of the problem itself.”

I truly love that quote, he doesn’t just give the explanation of design. That would be too simple! He lets you almost imagine design in your own way. And that’s what design is from, someone’s view on art and their own special way to express it.

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Chip Kidd

I never even realized how practically everything we touch, eat, see and more is designed. From the computers we touch to the chips we eat. Everything is designed, and knowing that, I became even more hooked into his compelling speech. He literally had me on the edge of my seat and hanging onto his every word from the first second I started reading until the last. I even kept doing more research because it was just so interesting.

I feel this was very eye opening and made me think about a lot of things. There are very few things I actually sit down, think about, and that truly strike me in the core. I love how every week I learn new things, and that’s more than I can say with most classes. I feel that though I’ve done so much and came so far creatively (and more) from this class, there’s still so much for me to learn and do.

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