Making Bug Eyes

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I saw this assignment originally two weeks ago, but I decided to wait for a better moment to do this assignment. The moment to do this activity has arrived. As soon as I saw this, I immediately thought of Snapchat. I used to edit people off the social media app all the time and always thought it was the funniest thing to ever exist. So I thought it would be great to do it again.

On Snapchat, you can edit the photos and videos you take, if you don’t have this social media and didn’t know. So because I don’t have a wonderful photo editing software, I thought of using Snapchat for this. While I was thinking of who I wanted to put big eyes on for this assignment, I thought of doing it on many things. First I thought of myself, and then I thought I would never curse the internet with a picture of myself. Then I thought of someone I knew, but I only had bad pictures of my friends. I also didn’t want to post anything on the internet without their permission. I also thought of doing my suite-mate’s dog or my hamster but realized that the assignment is asking for people. So I finally settled on doing a celebrity.

I decided to do Mila Kunis because I absolutely love her, and I found a picture of her within seconds. I went to Snapchat to copy her eyes, and then I made them larger when I placed them over the original photo. When I first made the eyes larger, her left eye was over her hair. Normally, hair covers people’s eyes, not the other way around. So to solve this problem, I copied some hair and placed it on top of part of the eye.

Honestly, this may not be the most wonderful photo, but I think it’s pretty great. It’s also funny, at least to me, so that’s another plus. Though this may not be the case for most people, I think photos that are obviously photo-shopped or edited in some way are hilarious.

Please enjoy my wonderful photo of Mila Kunis with horribly edited big eyes.

Description: ” You know how those anime characters have oversized eyes? Like Alita: Battle Angel? Do you think they’d look just as creepy on other people? Let’s find out! Take a photo of someone and use an image editor to give them big bug eyes. “All the better to see you with…” “


Honestly, I think this piece of artwork surmounts most.

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