If I got to pick a new life, this is what it would be.

Honestly, I think about this all the time. If I got to pick when I was born, what year would I pick? What would I change about my family? About my life? Friends? Where would I live, if anywhere in the world? Would I be different? Would I still be me?

I’m usually in my head, regardless of what is going on around me. There could be an extremely important meeting going on at work, and I would daydream about the world and it’s connection to my life. My creativity might be practically nonexistent, but my imagination runs like hundreds of wild horses on a plain.

This project wasn’t so difficult. I already had a decent idea in my head of a life I’d love to have, a time I’d love to grow up in. The biggest thing I had to do was try to find photos to explain what I always envisioned and explain it all. Especially since the 70’s-80’s is when I’d love to be growing up as a young child, so this works out perfectly with the theme for this semester.

With that all being said, this would be my dream life, if I got to pick it.

Where And Where You Would Live

Description: Pick a time, place, and if you want a building from then (real or fake) that you would want to live. It can be from any time period or any place, be creative. You can create your own building or find one already made. Write a story about why you would live there and what you would do if you did.

A time I would love to grow up in is the 70’s-80’s. It was the perfect mixture of electronics and no electronics. While growing up, I constantly played outside and tried to go on adventures and so on. However, no kid was doing that when I was younger. Kids were too busy with TV and their electronics, so I played with the same 3-5 kids. Whenever I came home, it was all electronics everywhere. I never liked it, I always wanted to play with board games, cards, or just a simple game of hide and seek. And none of my family or friends wanted to do that. In the 70’s-80’s, there was little to no electronics. It was just starting to be a part of people’s lives, but plenty lived without. I feel one of the biggest ways to play on electronics at that time was to go to the arcade or watch the TV. That was it. Even with that, you still had to go to an arcade, not sit on your bedroom chair. That might be my own unpopular opinion, but I was a highly energetic kid. I needed to run and be crazy. I also recognize that I’m now extremely dependent on electronics, and I really never wanted to be.

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I also have always loved the small to medium sized houses they show you in every 80’s movie or TV show. I grew up in many places: basements, apartments, shared homes with people, etc. Since I was a kid, I didn’t want nor need a lot to be contempt. Though the house we have now is slightly small, I love it every square inch of it. I know if I got to pick a house, I’d pick something small/medium and simple styled just like the one we have now. I would never pick a mansion or a giant house. The photo above is super close to what I have always envisioned my house to be, minus the garage (though that’s a plus).

Related image

I never had any preference where exactly in the US I wanted to live. I have always wanted to live in a small town, I loved the idea of everyone knowing everyone and the very strong bond within the community being evident. Though, any place that their weather is mostly rainy throughout the year, the air is cool, and during the summer it isn’t blazing with the heat of a thousand suns, I’d love to live there. Also if there is plenty of greenery around (like the picture above). I love Virginia, but I’m trying to move to North Carolina. So if I got to pick a place, my first choice would be NC. Though, I easily change my mind about this all the time, so even though right now I want to move to NC, that could be different by the time I graduate.

This was a mess of thoughts, but overall, I’d love to live in the 70’s/80’s where there is a lack of electronics. If I got to pick where I’d like to live, I’d live in a small-medium sized house that’s simply styled. I’d also like to live in a rainy area with plenty of greenery throughout a small town. However, even if I plan hundreds of different lives I’d wish I had or see myself living, I would never ask for a different life. I love my family, I love where I came from, and my experiences in this life shaped me to who I am today. I could not be more happier with the life I have now.

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  1. I grew up in a similar town you talked about, it was a small rural town. It sometimes felt like a halmark movie where you go grocery shopping and see everyone else, or you have dated everyone by graduation that you think you want to. I moved here to go to school and looking back the strong community bond is something I didn’t notice when I lived there but now I see the bond and want to go back or somewhere similar. The 80’s were a good time to grow up I would think, because it was about being outside and enjoying nature. I like how you included your real life into what you wanted your dream life to be about.

  2. I really enjoyed your post. I have a harder time reading when the background of the website is darker but you fixed that with the light text. I will say when you’re exhausted (as I am currently running on 2 hrs of sleep this format can become very “monotone”). I hope this critique helps. Thanks for reading my comment.

    1. Thank you! That does make a lot of sense, I always have problems with not sounding monotone. I’ll do my best to work on it better!

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