I wrote half of this story.

As soon as I saw this post, I got super excited. I loved the idea of creating a story with someone else. Writing is something I enjoy doing in my pass time, and I thought this would be a great way to spend time with my suite-mate, who is also in this class.

When I first talked to my suite-mate about the assignment, she funnily found the same one and wanted to talk to me about it to. So we decided to work on it together. My suite-mate and I did this in one sitting (if you can’t tell by the times the emails were sent), and once we started emailing each other, I was in a constant ball of laughing fits. She would let out her frustrated scream every time my lines didn’t go the way she wanted. Even though I didn’t want to make the story difficult for her to do, I thought her reactions were hilarious. She would steer the story one way, I would another, but we eventually came to a consensus about the ending of our short story.

Honestly, I think this story is funny, even though the ending was very dark. If we had the energy or want to write an intense, long story, I know we would’ve done it. We both wanted to write longer than 8 lines, but we didn’t want to create a full out novel. I feel like the reason why I like it so much is the fact that my suite-mate and I got to do something together, and it was genuinely fun to do with her. Her reactions made it so much funnier too. I hope you enjoy our story!

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Description: “This is an assignment for two or more people.
It’s very simple: Take turns writing a collaborative story via email, each writing a minimum of 4 times. 
Have fun with!”

The Emails: I know this is confusing, but you need to read from 1 -> 5, bottom-up. Emails are formatted this way-


Completed story:

Once upon a time, there was a rabbit. The rabbit had a cousin named Charles. For some odd reason, Charles was a cat. Charles was the first EVER cat carpenter. His talent surpassed that of George, his rabbit cousin. One day George made a wooden masterpiece! But Charles made a better version. George was in awe of Charles’ creation, but as he looked more closely, jealousy hardened his heart. After constant trial and error, George knew that he couldn’t compete with his cousin. There was only one way for George to surpass Charles. And that was to erase him from the competition completely. MURDER WAS THE ONLY OPTION! Within that week, Charles was gone. He was found in his wood shop, blood everywhere, his creation over top his cat body. With Charles out of the way, George became the best carpenter. The best Rabbit carpenter this world had ever seen. The end. R.I.P. Charles the cat

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  1. Collaborative creativity can be great when it comes out like this, ending up where no one expected. I like the way the write up adds background and makes a story of its own.

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