Analysis of photography, and it’s affect on storytelling

Photography can be so beautiful but so many have difficulty trying to do it as an art. It’s rarely ever been just a quick snap of a photo. It comes with thoughts through every photo. Where do I take the picture? How’s the lighting here? What is in my photos, and how can they help people understand what’s happening? There’s so much that goes into photography, it is wondrous how people can get that perfect shot.

I used one of the links that was provided, Best Street Photographer from the 70s and 80s, to look for a photo. One of the images stood out to me, and I felt this would be wonderful to talk about.

In this photo, you can see a woman dressed in a fluffy coat on a subway station. I loved the way this was photographed because there was so many things I missed from the first time around from seeing it. She caught my attention immediately, it was hard to see anything but her.

I noticed immediately the photographer knew exactly where they was taking this photo. They positioned it right away so that you can see just enough but even more than people will first think. The colors and lighting in this is just perfect, there’s the beautiful hue of purple in the background, and the woman stands out with her brightness in color. The light is just on her face and part of her body as well, so it really helps stand her out.

The photographer also showed incredible depth, considering that we could see someone right up front in the camera, and the city far behind her. If you look closely, you can see a factory in the back. The attention is all on her, but once you look closer at the background of the photo, you can see more. For example, the graffiti and the people sitting behind her.

Any photo is up to interpretation, and that’s what I like about photography. From everything that this photo shows and has, I feel like it shows the beauty of the woman and how she stands out through all the darkness. The people in the background all have normal coats while she wore a fur coat. I felt that’s why she’s the center of this photo and light is just on her, she stands out more than the rest. There also seems to be a dingy feel to the whole photo, like something isn’t right. Through all that, she thrives and looks her best. That might just be my interpretation of it, even as simple as it may be. What were your thoughts on this piece? Let me know!

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