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The air feels so tense and I almost feel like can’t breathe. And it’s all because I said it. I asked the question I’ve been thinking of for months, years it feels like. It was a now or never type of question. Something that I knew would cause some sort of debate with my parents and I. I just couldn’t figure out how else to ask them. So I just said it. Well, more like blurted it out, and their faces says it all.

“What did you just say?” My mom asks, her eyes wide.

“Like hell you are.” Grumbles my father. His eyes never leaving the newspaper. My mom glances at him in shock before looking back at me. Her fingers tighten on her cup of coffee and her leg starts to shake. I know she doesn’t know what to say.

“Why would you want to? This is your home.” My mom looks aghast, almost like she’s seen a ghost.

“I can’t live here forever, I would need to move out eventually. I figured now would be the best time!” I look down at my breakfast and start feeling nervous. Did I speak too soon? I fumble with my hands under the table. Thank God that the table isn’t made of glass.

“But everything you need is here. Why would you want to move out?” I look up at my dad who still hasn’t looked up from his newspaper before I turn to my mom with determination.

“Mom, I’m almost 20. I have a good job, my own car, I buy my own groceries, I commute to university, and more. I practically live on my own in a house with 5 other people.” I start playing with my fork as my stomach grumbles. Damn, I’m hungry. “Besides, you still have three other children in the house. What’s one less? I can also take my puppy and hamster with me, less things you have to worry about!”

She looks down at her cup of coffee that she still hasn’t sipped from and looks at her husband. “Honey, what do you have to say about this?”

“I already decided. She’s not going to.” He replies like as if it’s obvious while he flips a page to continue reading.

“Why not? I’m ready to live on my own, and I know I can do it!” I rush out, feeling more anxious and annoyed with every passing second, “I can move closer to my university, and I’ll still be close to you.”

“No. You’re not moving out. You can just commute from here.” I feel frustration bubble up in me as I stab my pancake and start cutting it. My hand moves with ferocity as I stare down my dad.

“You just can’t handle the fact I can take care of myself, can you? Your only daughter, moving on? Is that really such a crazy thought to you?” I funnel food into my mouth, my voice getting more muffled by the second, “Everything has to be your way or no way. Nothing can ever be what we want or need, right? It has to be what you think is right, and what we think is wrong. When will you-“

“Stop talking or you’ll choke.” My dad cuts me off. He finally looks up from his newspaper and sets it on the table. He looks at me and sighs. I gulp down my food and discover I almost finished all of my food. I never snap like that, I must be really anxious from the conversation.

My dad takes off his glasses and looks at me one more time. He rubs his face and looks at his wife. She looks back at him with conflict battling behind her eyes. I know it’s obvious she doesn’t want me to leave, but she doesn’t want to hold me back. My dad however, I just never know what to expect out of him. My mom nods at him, as if encouraging him, and he does the unimaginable.

He sighs again and nods, “If you show me where you’re going to live, how you’re going to pay for everything, and all else that comes with moving, you can move out.”

I feel my heart swell and almost burst with happiness. My dad’s letting me move out! I mean yes, I have to show him a plan of action, but that’s more than I can ever ask for from him. I leap up and run to hug him. I slam into him within a second, and I hear him grunt from the impact as I practically shout, “Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

He hugs me back and pats me affectionately on my back, “Of course, now go wake up your brothers. At least make it easier on us before you move.” I smile and get up to hug my mom next. After hugging her, I leave the dinning room to go up the stairs. I smile more as I realize my next step in my life is just out of reach. But soon, I’ll be having my own place, and I can discover more about life and myself. And that’s something that I cannot be more thrilled about than I am at this exact moment on the stairs.

I know this is a horrible story, but thank you for reading if you did!

Fun Fact: Before writing this story, I just wrote this and decided to make it into this story. Enjoy lol~

–i’m tryna move out hommies-


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  1. This post is #relateable and that is 100% how parents sound. I have a helicopter mother myself, and there is no fury quite like a mother’s when her baby daughter threatens to move out!
    I’ve moved out a couple of times now, but I always move back home because adulting is hard. It’s hard, and no one understands.
    My mom is happy though.

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