A cool cipher

One of my biggest hobbies is coding. I love it. One of the things I did as a small project last year was code a decrypt/encrypt tool. I find puzzles and things related to be super fascinating. One of the most satisfying things is being able to solve them. Whenever I was in a math class that would give us a riddle to solve, I would get beyond excited. I have no idea why I love things like this, but I just do. I learned a lot about ciphers this past year actually, specifically in math last semester. But I never made my own cipher, other than the code I created to be able to solve for them. I thought this would be fun to do; especially since as soon as it caught my eye, I really wanted to do it.

I have lots of little weird talents that I have or weird things that I have learned. One of those few things is how I learned to write in Wiccan. It’s a written language that Wiccans use to write in their Book of Shadows. No, I am not a Wiccan, but I learned it from someone who actually was one. The alphabet below is what my old friend taught me so many years ago!

Using this, I decided to make the cipher with the letters in Wiccan. Though I mixed up the letters, so they don’t match the original pairings. For instance, the letter “A” is matched with the Wiccan letter “F.” After picking what my cipher was going to be, I went to the next step: making the visual.

I made this first through Word, and I wrote the ciphers and the tasks. The Wiccan font isn’t on everyone’s computer. I had to download mine from a site many years ago, but it has come in extreme handiness ever since. I then went to GIMP afterwords to change the background to the tan-ish color and added the “Top Secret” to the top of the image.

I put two tasks for people to try! I thought that it would be something fun for anyone viewing this post to try 🙂 Since not everyone obviously has the font in their computer, you can try writing it by hand! I hope you have fun!

Description: “This assignment goes along with the secret agent theme. Create your own cipher, a system for disguising a message by replacing its letters with other letters or numbers or by shuffling them, and share it on your blog or other social media accounts. Have people in the class try and figure out your cipher and see how long it takes them!”

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  1. Oh man, we have a cipher project due in CPSC 220, and I don’t get it at all. >_<
    I like how you came up with your own cipher though, I never would have thought of that as being in the realm of design. That just shows that you can mix math and art together and make something really cool!

    I also like how you started the task by using Wiccan letters. I'm not Wiccan either, but I know some people who are and I'm like a Wiccan at heart.

    1. I love that! I feel the same way- I’m not Wiccan but I practically am with all my knowledge lol
      and thank you! I try really hard lmao 🙁

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