Thank you guys for visiting my page! This is going to be for a class, but feel free to look through! The social media links will lead to my online persona for this class.

About Me

Hello! My name is Tala, this sub-domain is for a class I am taking during the fall semester of 2019: Digital Storytelling! As of writing this, I am a sophomore, just declared my major in Mathematics, and am in love with my pet hamster, Alden.

Just so that everyone is aware, my online persona is under Yara Saleh, which is what originally was supposed to be my name. You will be seeing that name everywhere to identify me except this about me page, that’s what everyone knows me by! All the links to the social media websites lead to the profiles I made. I decided to do this because I always really liked “the name before name,” as my mom likes to put it. Excited to get this class rolling!


Weekly Summary 4

Honestly, this week was slightly more difficult than I assumed it would be. All my classes picked up a little more this week, but I have no one to blame but myself for the stress that I have because of my classes. I literally pushed all my homework for the week both Monday-Wednesday, so I …